These instructions are designed to be a reminder for those who have already been taught the exercise by a qualified instructor. If you have not been previously taught and the exercise produces any undesirable effects, stop immediately and consult a professional.

Many of these files are Adobe pdf files, suitable for printing, but you will need the free acrobat reader if you do not have it already. Click here to download it now. The videos require the free Quicktime plug in to view. Click here to download it now. Videos may take a few minutes to download via 56k dial up connections. Broadband is recommended.

The exercises listed below are also available on VHS or CD-ROM for a cost of $5.00 plus shipping and handling. If you would like a VHS or CD-ROM, click here to fill out the form

Suboccitpital Stretch (pdf)

Psoas Stretch (pdf) 12view Quicktime video (1.96 MB)

Stretch for Scalene Muscles (pdf)

Hip Rotator Stretch (pdf)12Hip Rotator Stretch Video (5.7 MB)

Neck Stretches Video (Quicktime movie 2.94 MB)

Head-Knee-Hand Counter Rotation (pdf)

Cat and Cow (pdf) 12view Quicktime video (3.1 MB)

Head-Knee-Hand Quicktime video (4.8 MB)

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