The American Massage Therapy Association® represents more than 51,000 massage therapists in 27 countries. AMTA works to establish massage therapy as integral to the maintenance of good health and complementary to other therapeutic processes; to advance the profession through ethics and standards, certification, school accreditation, continuing education, professional publications, legislative efforts, public education, and fostering the development of members.

About the St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy The human body maintains life and health in an amazing way.  Each individual cell performs an activity that contributes to the body’s ability to maintain a balanced internal environment called homeostasis.  Every day, life situations threaten to disrupt that balance.  Physical traumas, strains and even emotional stress undermine homeostasis.  This imbalance leads to aches and pains that, left untreated, may result in physiological dysfunction. 

The Barral Institute is a health education, training and research organization dedicated to the advancement of Visceral Manipulation, Nerve Manipulation and related Manual Therapies. The Barral Institute conducts workshops nationally and internationally to educate and train healthcare practitioners in the proper techniques and promotes education to the general public about the existence and therapeutic value of these modalities.

The Upledger Institute is a health resource center dedicated to the advancement of complementary and innovative techniques. It’s recognized worldwide for its groundbreaking continuing-education programs, clinical research and therapeutic services.

The International Center for Reiki Training is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the re-establishment of Reiki energies in our modern world. It is through the attunement to higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness (REI) that we are able to properly guide our life energy (KI) to create positive results and affect positive personal and global change.