As a successful athlete, coach, and trainer for the past 30 years, I bring a comprehensive perspective to the art of message therapy. My experience indicates that if the body is brought back to a physically balanced state, the natural healing forces will quickly restore proper function. My therapies are designed to restore balance in many forms.therapies

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY is a massage technique designed to reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction caused by muscular tension in the body. A brief postural analysis allows the practitioner to identify tight over stimulated muscles involved in the pain syndrome. Gentle pressures applied to these tissues can reduce tone, thereby restoring the necessary ease for recovery.

SWEDISH or DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE as it is often referred to, will generally be more effective for someone desiring a greater overall sense of relaxation. When the body has begun to tense from the over stimulation of our fast paced lives, this combination of light superficial stroking, followed by gradually deeper and deeper palpation will leave the client with a feeling of tranquility and deep relaxation. This therapy can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, restore healthy digestive function, and reduce the harmful effects of stress.

SPORTS MASSAGE offers a combination of tension relieving strokes and stretches designed to dissipate the excessive tensions that build up during athletic activities. Many athletes find massage to be a beneficial adjunct to their program. It serves to improve overall performance and decrease frequency of overuse injuries.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is an art originally practiced by Osteopaths to eliminate posttraumatic dysfunction in the body. Gentle pressures applied to the bones of the head and pelvic areas serve to restore structural and functional integrity by relieving tension in the connective tissues that surround and support the central nervous system. This treatment is suggested for a variety of conditions including migraine headache, scoliosis, and fibromyalgia.

VISCERAL MANIPULATION is a technique that is designed to restore the integrity of soft tissues of the torso.The internal organs fit in the body with little or no space between them. This requires that when any of them move, other surrounding structures must move in unison.

When these movements are impaired, many unprovoked symptoms can arise, often in areas seemingly unrelated to the restriction. With skilled gentle manipulation, mobility of the tissues can be restored. This treatment option is suggested for persons suffering with conditions such as; acid reflux, indigestion, urinary tract disturbances, lung impairment, menstrual / reproductive disorders, immune deficiencies, and recurrent unexplained pain arising in the chest, back, neck, or abdomen.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE is beneficial for conditions resulting from poor flow of bodily fluids. Flowing strokes over the surface of the body in the direction of natural lymphatic flow, can aid fluid movement and assist in detoxification and the processing of cellular waste. This treatment is suggested for such conditions as water retention, allergies, and frequent colds and flu.weights

FITNESS TRAINING can be used to increase the body’s ability to withstand the destructive influences of our daily lives. Whether one is an elite athlete or someone who would like to feel more energy at the end of a long day, with proper conditioning, flexibility, and strength training, nearly everyone can improve their life experience.

After discussion to determine goals and commitment levels. A program is designed to fit ones individual needs and lifestyle. Workouts are individually supervised, until the client feels capable of performing the exercises safely and efficiently on their own. Periodic phone or email consultations are used to ensure progress and determine when the program needs to be revised.

REIKI Reiki literally means “Life Force Energy”. Known also as The Laying On Of Hands, Therapeutic Touch, and others, it is the art of accessing life force energies all around us to correct imbalances of energy within the body. Rediscovered in recent centuries by Christian Monks, this art is evidenced in some of the earliest of recorded human history.

The client generally lies comfortably, fully clothed, on the table while the practitioner lays his or her hands lightly over many areas of the body. Concentrated energies pass through the hands of the practitioner into the willing recipient, restoring the unobstructed flow of life force energies through and around the body. This enables the innate healing forces to resume their efforts with maximum effectiveness.

This form of treatment is suggested for those with awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection. The client need only bring an open mind and a desire for enhanced healing capacity. Because Reiki passes effortlessly through clothing, bandages, et al, it can be effective even when bodily contact is ill advised.